Kavad Picnics in Rural Essex

A storytelling project which toured 3 rural villages in Essex in August Bank Holiday engaging with new audiences working with Grand Theatre of Lemmings in upscaling the Smallest Theatre in World into a large Kavad Box. The traditions of the Kavad come from Rajasthan, India. The Project was delivered by Story Narrative specialist Seema Anand  through funding from Arts Council England (Grants for the Arts) Essex County Council Cultural Development and supported by Essex Cultural Diversity Project.

‘Beyond the Boundary’ a project that will link Sports and Arts through the medium of Cricket working with the Sri Lankan and Pakistani Communities in Essex. We will be partnering with Essex County Cricket Club and other partners and artists to deliver multidisciplinary and cross-disciplinary art forms that will include performance art, interactive and participatory collaborations that go ‘Beyond the Boundary’ of a traditional art form. We have identified a huge gap with limited engagement from both communities in the arts. The project will commence with a Cultural Extravaganza followed by community participation workshops and a finale performance at two international cricket matches in Chelmsford and reach out to cultural diverse and none diverse audiences.

The Project is supported by: