Artist Salon Day 


Ellie Stout Diversity officer ACE with Efua Sey Korbi

ECDP Delivered an Artist Salon Day at Essex Record office on Wednesday 25th November 2015 funded by Arts Council in partnership with Essex Cultural Diversity Project (ECDP) to support and encourage commissioned artists to apply and submit Gfta application for diverse projects. The day was led by ECDP project manager and Jenny Williams from Take the Space  with attendance by East Region Diversity Relationship Manager Ellie Stout and Combined Arts Relationship Manager – Simon Ginger. Artists have committed themselves to work with ECDP and hub partners to create new diverse projects to further develop their work.


Seema Anand and Anette Lister Razed Roof


Jenny William mentoring Lata Updadhyaya




 Rickshaw Art Project 

Artist Lata Upadhyaya has received Arts Council funding(Gfta) to create an arts project restoring an authentic Indian Rickshaw which will relate to Essex and tour around the county. The project will work with the Hindu Clacton Temple to create a piece of artwork with traditional paintings and drawings in ethnic artwork with context to Essex. The Rickshaw has been part of the Hindu Clacton temple for the last 20 years and in need to restoration and I have been approached by the Temple to develop a creative idea to create something unique. Volunteers from the Temple and the local Hindu community will work with Lata and help decorate the rickshaw with paintings related to the landscape of Essex i.e – The coast, buildings, the temple, shorelines, beaches, Martello towers etc. The project is also supported by Essex County Council Cultural Development and Essex Cultural Diversity Project who brokered the partnerships.

The rickshaw will be decorated and painted at my studio in High House Production park in Purfleet at the ACME studios.


ART EVENT ‘Southend Colour’ by Zarah Hussain

Jun 23, 2015 Art Event by Islamic Arts Magazine

A visual exploration of feelings about migration, identity and demographic change presented as a mathematical geometric pattern.


Zarah Hussain / Courtesy of the Artist

Over the past 10 years there have been many demographic changes in Southend. Long-standing Asian, Chinese and Black communities have been joined by more recent immigrants from Eastern Europe, while others have relocated from escalating living costs in London. In its own way, therefore, Southend is a microcosm of the changing face of the UK.

Zarah Hussain’s new project ‘Southend Colour’ is a visual exploration of feelings about migration, identity and demographic change. It changes colour according to responses made by the people of Southend in real time through internet enabled devices. The resulting data is collected and presented as a mathematical geometric pattern.


Screen from ‘Southend Colour’ by Zarah Hussain / Courtesy of the Artist

‘Southend Colour’ will be shown at the Village Green festival in Southend on July 11, 2015 and intermittently on the big screen at Focal Point Art Gallery during summer 2015.

Village Beach Launch in Grays

village beach launch

METAL and Thurrock Council are delighted to announce Village Beach – a brand new festival of culture for Thurrock celebrating the creativity, ingenuity, arts and music of the whole Borough.

Village Beach will take place on Saturday, 18 July from 11am until 8pm at Grays Beach Riverside Park on the banks of the River Thames

With seven stages of music, spoken word, dance, performance and international circus cabaret; seven beach hut venues showcasing the best of Thurrock arts and heritage; a big bake competition; mad-cap games; a busking stage (anyone can turn up and have a go!) and much more to see and take part in, it promises to be a fun-packed day for all the family.

Entry to Village Beach is FREE with a programme of activities that will appeal to the whole family – from the age of two to eighty-two.

Johnny Foreigner

lata 1

“A new place, on new soil, a new culture and a new beginning”

 by Lata Upadhyaya

This series of work is based upon my own experience of migrating from the East to the West. Wherever we travel, we always take a bit of our own culture, individuality and belongings with us. No one wants to completely leave behind their identities, but we have to find a way to renegotiate and make sense of these identities within a new culture and context.

Having lived in Thurrock for nine years, I also wanted to engage with other diverse communities and to open dialogues with other people who have similarly experienced migration to the UK. The work expresses their experiences, culture and changing ways that they perceive their own identities. Each individual journey and experience, represents a story.

I have created each work by utilizing objects, symbols, images, material, memories and treasures. Once the objects and materials had been identified that are significant to each story, I have presented them in a clear suitcase, symbolically ‘packing’ unique identities into a small number of items. These suitcases represent the motion of the journey and the indefinite significance that these journeys continue to have on our lives.

As you look at each suitcase you will need to interpret the contents to identify each persons story – where are they from, when did they arrive, what did they bring with them, what do they do after arrival, how did they feel about their experience.

To help you along, here are a few quotations from the stories

‘When we came, we where only allowed to bring £3, however we found it easy to get work’

 ‘When I arrived it was very cold and didn’t feel like going out’

 ‘I came to get married and found it very easy to settle down’

‘I found it very difficult to make friends’

 ‘I arrived and got a lottery ticket straight away’

 ‘I brought all the wrong clothes, nothing for cold weather’

I hope that you enjoy the stories and if you require more information, I will be available to discuss the work on Saturday 25th April, between 1 and 4pm.

I would like to thank Essex Cultural Diversity Project, Arts Council England and Essex County Council, who have very kindly supported this series of work.