Born and raised in India, Lata Upadhyaya currently lives and works in the UK. Lata is a visual artist that specialises in contemporary sculpture and has completed masters in fine art in both India and London. Her work is held in private collections throughout Europe, India and Korea.

Lata travels extensively and participates in International artists residencies throughout the world. Lata’s work reflects upon her own life, through a journey of exploration of materials, texture, colour, pattern, shape and form. Her current work is a return to her roots, the sense of re-familiarisation, which the experience of migrating to the west necessitates.

Recently commissioned by Essex Cultural Diversity Project to create the installation Jonny Foreigner, Lata spent time in dialogue with other people who have similarly experienced migration to England, expressing their experiences, culture and the changing way they perceive their identity as a basis for the context of a new work. The work, in the form of transparent suitcases encasing various objects, was exhibited in venues across Essex.

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